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Bespoke financial planning for contractors & consultants

Becoming a contractor or a consultant is often a decision driven by flexibility, the potential for greater earnings and the opportunity to challenge oneself; though every case is different.

One thing everyone has in common though is a responsibility to structure their business activities and their affairs in the most financially stable and tax efficient way possible.

As a busy professional, finding the time to monitor and amend your investment, protection and retirement planning strategies can be challenging.

As such, we aim to assist contractors and consultants in the following areas:

  • Tax Efficiency
  • Profit Extraction
  • Retirement Planning
  • Protection Planning
  • Personal and Corporate Investment Planning

I, or one of the team, would be delighted to meet with you at a time and place convenient for you to discuss areas where we could work together further.

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Bradley Legrand
Bradley Legrand
Director of Carter Legrand Wealth Strategies
Partner Practice of St. James’s Place Wealth Management

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