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Whether you are a solicitor, consultant, doctor, barrister, officer, surveyor or accountant, becoming a successful professional takes a huge amount of time and dedication. While you are working hard, the needs and goals in your life will inevitably change as your career progresses. Promotions, relocations, family – to name but a few – will all be factors that at some point alter your outlook and priorities.

The essence of my business is to help make it easier and simpler for you to manage your wealth, and I achieve this through the provision of personal, face-to-face wealth management advice that is designed to suit your individual long-term requirements.

With my clients, I aim to provide the stability that a professional needs from their financial adviser; a tailored, flexible and personal wealth management service designed to meet your short and long-term needs. I will work with you to build and preserve your wealth.

I can help you reach your financial goals by offering you the appropriate advice and guidance now, and by ensuring that any plans put in place remain effective in the future, no matter how your circumstances may change.

If you feel that the advice and guidance I can provide would be beneficial to you, please contact me today on to arrange a no obligation consultation.

Bradley Legrand
Bradley Legrand
Director of Carter Legrand Wealth Strategies
Partner Practice of St. James’s Place Wealth Management

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